Clarinetopia Feedback

From 2013 …

I loved how diverse the faculty was and the topics they discussed…Each master class was unique and very informative. The fact that many topices overlapped among master classes helped me realize how crucial those topics were, and helped them be easy to remember.  By these eclectic master classes I was given the tools to practice these overlapping topics using various methods.
         - - Tony Park
Starting the day with Dr. Webster’s stretching/relaxation/yoga class was very helpful.
         - - Tony Park
Great Program!  Really enjoyed the faculty recitals and it was interesting to hear a variety of approaches from the teachers.
         - - David Boutin-Bourque
I would like to thank all the faculty for the past 5 days.  I really gained a lot and look forward to coming back as a performer next year.
         - - Kevin Sakai
I appreciated all the coordination that was involved, the generosity of the faculty during the master classes, the yoga, and the warm-ups – learning new ways to warm up and build embouchure, posture.
         - - Catherine Hungerford
The atmosphere – very relaxed and informal, but serious and professional…the clarity of the schedule…the Neidich and Buyse classes were very useful and informative.  I had a blast – looking forward to next year!
         - - Brian Gay
Incredible faculty and master classes!  A wonderful conference, thank you so much.
        - - Wes Warnhoff
The master classes were wonderful; learned a lot!  Leone’s “Stage Presentation” class was perfect and helpful! Round Tablu discussion felt so personal and I felt connected with the professors!  Loved asking helpful questions!
        - - Sarah Hardaker
I had a great time! Very informative and a great experience overall.
        - - Jeffrey Marano
I felt that the faculty connected with the students here.
I love the kindness expressed by the faculty and participants throughout the event.
The yoga was a great way to start the day.
Really great faculty!
I loved the morning yoga and warm-ups; hearing about different warm-ups and exercises to improve was helpful.

From 2012 …

I loved how giving and open all the members of the faculty were. Enjoyed yoga, breathing and collective worm-ups!! Masterclasses were beyond interesting!  I went crazy taking notes!  I feel eager to practice! Faculty concerts were a treat!! Loved it all !!!!

The faculty helped us to have a more comprehensive understanding of playing the clarinet.  The atmosphere created between students and teachers was very encouraging.

The master class experience was my favorite part.  Not only did I get to learn of complications in my own playing, but by listening to the others I could learn how to address similar issues with my own students as well as how to correct those issues.  

Friendly faculty and participants. Great recitals. Engaging master classes. Enjoyed the yoga, warm-ups, intonation, mock audition.

I loved the many different outlooks and opinions we heard about from the Clarinetopia faculty.

I appreciate the faculty’s knowledge and willingness to teach with all they have to offer.  The variety of explanations, perspectives, yet they all piggyback together to the common goal of good performance.

Excellent faculty!  Having access to them during meals is really helpful.

Great pianists with whom to work.

Accepting atmosphere.

The range of repertoire was great as was the quality of the performers.  The special sessions on intonation, warmups, yoga, and all the faculty presentations were excellent!

I appreciated the variety and reputation of faculty members, group warmup, faculty recitals, positive attitude.

From 2011…

This has been a phenomenal program!

— Matt Wurtzel

The seminars on practicing and contemporary techniques were very interesting and fun. Great, friendly faculty. I had a great time and feel like I have substantially improved. I didn’t expect to be able to learn flutter tonguing that fast!

— David Davani

Excellent teachers, stupendous master classes, great environment for learning.

— Anonymous

Awesome faculty! It’s extremely important to be able to hear commentary from several artist/instructors. Clarinetopia is a great concept.

— Anonymous

Variety of instruction, world-class faculty, preparedness and professionalism of collaborative pianists. Leone’s breakfast was the best!

— Anonymous

Excellent team of professors: very encouraging and safe environment to take musical risks. Well-prepared accompanists and performers. Enjoyed morning yoga and contemporary techniques class.

— Ruth Aguirre

Collaboration of teaching styles and ideas. The breakfasts were delicious and incredibly nice! The pianists were amazing. Let’s have yoga every morning!

— Anonymous

The schedule was well planned and you were very conscious of the time in the schedule. I like that! Even though I was a participant and did not perform, I felt included in all the sessions. The breakfasts were a generous offer and I like how the day started together.

— Cheryl Rothkopf

The staff was so willing to share their experience and knowledge. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

— Anonymous

From previous years…

I really enjoyed the intimate, one-on-one attention the faculty gave everyone. The master classes and lectures were extremely relevant and interactive.

— Brad Pipenger

The friendly, easy-going atmosphere.

— Anonymous

Intimate and personal…Everyone was really supportive of each other and encouraging.

— Alison Aldrich

I learned useful information about performing and auditioning that really gave me an idea of what I will face in the real world.

— Anonymous

The level of enthusiasm of all the faculty

— Anonymous

The seminar was fantastic. I enjoyed the individual attention during each master class, the faculty, and the venue.

— Anonymous

The closeness of the group. I loved the knowledge of the faculty. They were so open to helping each of us.

— Emily Bailey

The accessibility and enthusiasm of the staff. The intonation lesson was great. It was motivating to spend so much time in a friendly environment with such enthusiastic instructors. I am very encouraged by the experience and hope to come back in the future.

— Anonymous

The organization, hospitality, variety of topics covered, high level of teaching and performing. I highly recommend Clarinetopia in every aspect. Congratulations on a job well done!

— Mary Jane Rodgers

I appreciated how personal the attention was and how willing the faculty were to share their thoughts and experiences. I had a great time and learned so much.

— James Westbrook

[I most appreciated] all of your spirits and willingness to give every second of our allotted time to the participants and performers. You are not only so talented but generous. Thank you so much for providing such a fantastic festival! I learned more than I could imagine!! I had such a great time meeting and playing for everyone. The masterclasses provided me with direction and confidence and inspiration!

— Deborah Vitanza

I really learned from performers and teachers in Clarinetopia. I’m glad to hear teachers’ experiences and advice. I really enjoyed this seminar. Yoga will help my practice and warm up, too. Teachers’ good advice was great, so I will share to my friends. This was my first seminar in the U.S. I really think I’m happy to come here.

— Aki Oshima

Excellent faculty with great experience. Great learning environment/master classes. I learned so much about the audition preparation process. I learned many different techniques to work on clarinet playing/music making.

— Anonymous

The talented faculty, the amazing classes/lectures, the different topics addressed, the length (3-4 days is a great length). The opening dinner (and ice breaker) was great for getting to know each other; the audition round table was perfect! The yoga was a super idea as well. This conference was such a great idea and was executed well. Mike Hershkowitz and all of the staff (especially Sophie) were incredible the entire time.

— Anonymous

The information about preparation. I enjoyed and learned the most from the lectures. Thank you! I enjoyed this very much.

— Anonymous

Faculty recital, master classes, lectures. It has been such a pleasure to be exposed to clarineting and high levels of performance again (after being in the “real world” for 2 years). The constructive comments in masterclasses have been right on!

— Andrew Verdino

The master classes were phenomenal; who could ask for a better mix of faculty? I really appreciated the opportunity to play. The yoga and warm ups were also major treats. Also, the stage presence lecture was wonderful!

— Patrick Fulton

Thank you for the INCREDIBLE seminar @ Stony Brook! I am glad you’re going to do it again next year. I can’t wait fast enough! You created an atmosphere that was positive and encouraging. Criticisms were always constructive and supportive, and delivered in a manner such that everyone could benefit from everyone else’s experience. It’s great that everyone gets to share in the masterclasses. That’s not easy to do. I came away really jazzed and motivated.

— Sheri Rolf