Clarinetopia 2016 Application Procedure

  1. Complete the Application Form.  Please send it in as an email attachment to
  2. Non-refundable application fee $30. Make payment through Paypal by clicking the appropriate button below, or a check may be made out to ‘Clarinetopia’ and mailed to:
    Clarinetopia c/o Guy Yehuda
    Michigan State University College of Music
    Music Building
    333 W. Circle Dr.
    East Lansing, MI 48824
  3. Audition recording for performers. Preferred method of submission is an mp3 file attachment in an email to Include 10-20 minutes of varied repertoire.  Any repertoire is acceptable so long as it is unedited. It is better to have short, contrasting tracks, e.g., single movements of stylistically contrasting larger works, short one-movement pieces, works for clarinet alone, and orchestral excerpts. Give each movement a separate track and indicate track numbers on a printed program. Applications remain open in case of any last-minute cancellations.  You may also send a CD to the Clarinetopia address above, but it may cause some delay in your acceptance.

You will be notified of your status as performer or participant within 2 weeks after receipt of your application materials. Therefore, it is to your advantage to apply early. You are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.   May 1 update: Applications are still being accepted for the possibility of one or two vacancies opening up.  Tuition is due now, so please click on the appropriate paypal button below.

Application Procedure for Clarinet Day:

To keep it simple, there is no official form.  Simply send or submit on line your name, email address, phone number and snail mail address along with a request to participate in Clarinet Day.  The fee will be $50 for those aged 18 and under and $100 for those aged 19 and older.

Performer Tuition $550.00

Participant Tuition $350.00

Application Fee $30.00

One Day Pass (Wednesday or Sunday) $50.00
Clarinet Day, aged 18 or younger

One Day Pass (Thursday, Friday or Saturday) $100.00
Clarinet Day, aged 19 or older

Please plan to make tuition payment by May 1, 2016.
Go to the accommodations page to submit the MSU housing fee, also by May 1, 2016.


Day passes may be purchased  on site:
Thursday, Friday or Saturday for $100/day
Wednesday or Sunday for $50/day

Clarinet Day:

aged 18 or younger: $50
aged 19 or older: $100